Karachi is going to get its first ‘3D park’ in Lines Area on ____.

A. Jan 10, 2020
B. Jan 15, 2020
C. Jan 20, 2020
D. Jan 25, 2020


Correct Answer: D. Jan 25, 2020 

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The 3D or three-dimensional park will feature paintings of animals with 3D effects. The East DMC chairman explained that they are adding 3D effects to the paintings on the park’s walls. “The animal drawings on the walls will give 3D effects, as we are painting the park’s walls with specific paints,” Moid Anvar explained. There are 10 animals painted in the zoo with this 3D technique; an elephant, gorilla, dinosaur, crocodile, giraffe, and zebra, among others. The DMC is converting Basharat Park in Lines Area’s UC 10 into a 3D park. It’s located opposite the Saddar parking plaza. Content Source: Samaa.tv