UN 2023 Water Conference is to be held on:

A. 20 – 22 March 2023
B. 20 – 24 March 2023
C. 22 – 24 March 2023
D. 23 – 25 March 2023


Correct Answer: C. 22 – 24 March 2023

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Billions of people worldwide still live without safely managing to drink water and sanitation, even though access to both services has long been defined as a human right. Water and poverty are closely linked. Without water, there is no development, and without development, it is impossible to eradicate poverty. The UN 2023 Water Conference is expected to adopt the Water Action Agenda as a main outcome representing voluntary commitments of countries and stakeholders to meet global water-related goals and targets. The Conference will open on 22 March, World Water Day 2023.