What is the venue of INDRA-21, the Joint Military Exercise of Indian Army and Russian Army?

A. New Delhi
B. Moscow
C. Volgograd
D. Ghaziabad


Correct Answer: C. Volgograd

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A 13-day mega military exercise between Indian and Russian army is scheduled to be organized from August 1 at Volgograd city located in Russia. The name of the Joint military exercise between Indian and Russian army is INDRA. The scheduled exercise is the 12th edition of INDRA and it is named “INDRA-21”. According to the Indian army, 250 personnel from each side will participate in this 12th edition of the joint military exercise. The military exercise will help in strengthening the bilateral security cooperation and will serve to reinforce the longstanding bond of friendship between India and Russia. It will also conduct counter-terror operations as mandated under the UN’s framework of joint forces against international terror groups.