Note: Pakistan meteorological Department (PMD) Lower Division Clerk (BPS-11) Solved Paper held on 17 July 2023, Contains 85+ solved mcqs of Islamic Study, English Analogies, Synonyms and Antonyms, Preposition, World-Gk, Pak-Study and Subject related mcqs.


1. Hazrat Adam (A.S) has ___ sons?

A. 1
B. 5
C. 2
D. 4


Correct Answer: C. 2


2. The duration of the tofan-e- Noah was for ___ months?

A. Nine
B. Twelve
C. Six
D. Eight


Correct Answer: C. Six


3. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) is buried at ___?

A. Madina
B. Makkah
C. Iraq
D. Palestine


Correct Answer: D. Palestine


4. Hazrat Musa (AS) crossed the ____?

A. Red Sea
B. Black Sea
C. Caspian Sea
D. Mediterranean Sea


Correct Answer: A. Red Sea


5. Holy Prophet (PBUH) lived in Madina for ___ years?

A. 8
B. 9
C. 10
D. 11


Correct Answer: C. 10


6. Hazrat Ali R.A martyred in ____ A.H?

A. 30
B. 38
C. 42
D. 40


Correct Answer: D. 40


7. The touching the black stone is called ___?

A. Istilam
B. Ramee
C. Sayee
D. Tawaf


Correct Answer: A. Istilam


8. In which surah of the Holy Quran. Allah says “Wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are mothers of believers?

A. Ale-Imran
B. Al-Ahzab
C. Al-Rehman
D. Al-Nisa


Correct Answer: B. Al-Ahzab


9. The name “Muhammad” has been mentioned ___ times in the Holy Quran?

A. Four
B. Two
C. Three
D. Five


Correct Answer: A. Four


10. I beg pardon ___ you for being late.

A. With
B. Upon
C. Of
D. Off


Correct Answer: C. Of


11. The boy was let ___ to consideration of his under age.

A. About
B. Off
C. With
D. Of


Correct Answer: D. Of


12. The Analogy of Drizzle Cloudburst:

A. Grass : Dew
B. Shore : Waves
C. Wind : Air
D. Flirty : Blizzard


Correct Answer: A. Grass : Dew


13. The Analogy of Teacher : Ignorance:

A. Lightening: Electricity
B. Light: Darkness
C. Wallage: Bulb
D. Stream: Current


Correct Answer: B. Light : Darkness


14. The Analogy of Charity: Virtue:

A. Avarice: Vice
B. Greed: Evil
C. Avaricious: Vicious
D. Penury: Crave


Correct Answer: A. Avarice : Vice


15. The Antonyms of Fervent is ___?

A. Subdued
B. Enduring
C. Dispassionate
D. Unexcitable


Correct Answer: C. Dispassionate


16. The Anonyms of Alluring is ___?

A. Increasing
B. Glamorous
C. Repulsive
D. Charming


Correct Answer: C. Repulsive


17. The Antonym of Grotesque is ___?

A. Natural
B. Odd
C. Skillful
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Natural


18. The synonym of Impolite is ___?

A. Promote
B. Rude
C. Help
D. Advance


Correct Answer: B. Rude


19. The synonym of Luxuriant is ___?

A. Abundant
B. Rich
C. Lovely
D. Luxury loving


Correct Answer: A. Abundant


20. The synonym of Regale is ___?

A. Bore
B. Fix
C. Flatter
D. Entertain


Correct Answer: D. Entertain


21. The synonym of Sonorous is ___?

A. Loud
B. Harsh
C. Full and Deep Shrill
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Loud


22. Science or hobby of studying the history of coins is ___?

A. Minting
B. Conology
C. Coinage
D. Numiscience


Correct Answer: D. Numiscience


23. One who eat humans flesh is called ___?

A. Beast
B. Carnivores
C. Cannibal
D. Furious


Correct Answer: C. Cannibal


24. The teacher gives many examples so ___ the idea contained in the poem?

A. Bring in
B. Bring forth
C. Bring about
D. Bring out


Correct Answer: D. Bring Out


25. I cannot make out what you say.

A. Rely Upon
B. Believe
C. Understand
D. Solve


Correct Answer: C. Understand


26. Never ___ upon the magazine.

A. Look Down
B. Look Through
C. Look Over
D. Look Into


Correct Answer: B. Look Through


27. The tomb of Vasco da Gama is situated at ___?

A. Kerala
B. Delhi
C. Mumbai
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Kerala


28. The largest city in Latin America is ___?

A. Mexico City
B. Buenous Aires
C. Rao de Janciro
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Mexico City


29. The river Jordan drains into ___?

A. Gulf of Suez
B. Adriatic Garden
C. Resaca Garden
D. Dead Sea


Correct Answer: D. Dead Sea


30. The study of day-to-day variations in weather is called ___?

A. Meteorology
B. Climatology
C. Cyclongenis
D. Environment Science


Correct Answer: A. Meteorology


31. The second largest continent is ___?

A. Asia
B. Australia
C. Europe
D. Africa


Correct Answer: D. Africa


32. The world’s largest freshwater lake by volume is ___?

A. Caspian Sea
B. Lucerne Lake
C. Baikal Lake
D. Manchur Lake


Correct Answer: C. Baikal Lake


33. Chernobyl Power Plant is located in ___?

A. Russia
B. Ukraine
C. Donbas
D. Crinea


Correct Answer: B. Ukraine


34. In the oil industry, one barrel of oil is equivalent to how many litters?

A. 120
B. 90
C. 159
D. 60


Correct Answer: C. 159


35. Buddhism is the world’s fourth-largest religion. It is believed to be originated in___?

A. India
B. China
C. Thailand
D. Japan


Correct Answer: A. India


36. Angel Falls is the world’s tallest waterfall located in ___?

A. Canada
B. Russia
C. Venezuela
D. None of these


Correct Answer: C. Venezuela


37. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been president of Turkey since ____?

A. 2010
B. 2012
C. 2016
D. 2014


Correct Answer: D. 2014


38. The city of Samarkand is located in ___?

A. Uzbekistan
B. Azerbaijan
C. Tashkent
D. Kazakhstan


Correct Answer: A. Uzbekistan


39. Which of the following is a water-soluble vitamin?

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin K
D. Vitamin D


Correct Answer: B. Vitamin C


40. Giga Factory is owned and operated by ___?

A. Apple
B. Facebook
C. Tesla
D. Microsoft


Correct Answer: C. Tesla


41. Apple’s headquarters is known as “Apple Park” located in?

A. New York
B. California
C. Nevads
D. Chicago


Correct Answer: B. California


42. The second largest country by land is ___?

A. Russia
B. China
C. Canada


Correct Answer: C. Canada


43. Ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere caused by the release of ___ gases?

A. Helium and Hydrogen
B. Neon and Argon
C. Chlorofluorocarbons
D. Chlorine and Bromine


Correct Answer: C. Chlorofluorocarbons


44. The mountain range “Blue Mountains” is located in ___?

A. Australia
B. Sweden
C. New Zealand
D. Norway


Correct Answer: A. Australia


45. Which country has the largest number of tigers in the world?

A. South Africa
B. India
C. Kenya
D. Bangladesh


Correct Answer: B. India


46. Which country has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

A. Italy
B. Egypt
C. Spain
D. India


Correct Answer: A. Italy


47. ACR stands for?

A. Annual Confidential Report
B. Annual Credit Report
C. Annual Case Report
D. Annual Complete Report


Correct Answer: A. Annual Confidential Report


48. Which type of mail requires proof of delivery?

A. Express Post
B. Registered Post
C. Key Post
D. International Post


Correct Answer: B. Registered Post


49. Which of the following is not a skill?

A. Commitment
B. Motivation
C. Planning
D. Communication


Correct Answer: A. Commitment


50. What is the most important for an Office Clerk to handle office equipment?

A. Care
B. Follow Operational Producer
C. Routine Work
D. Preparing Inventory


Correct Answer: A. Care


51. Which one of the following is general issue in office designing?

A. Noise
B. Lightening
C. Office space
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


52. SOP stands for?

A. State Official Procedure
B. State Observational Procedure
C. Standard Operating Procedure
D. Standard Operational Procedure


Correct Answer: C. Standard Operating Procedure


53. Job responsibility of Upper Division Clerk (UDC)?

A. Keep Track of Papers
B. Filling of Papers
C. Enter data into a Computer
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


54. Eligibility of UDC for promotion from LDC requires minimum services of ___?

A. 3 years
B. 5 years
C. 7 years
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. 5 years


55. Which leave rules are applicable in Pakistan?

A. 1973
B. 1981
C. 2002
D. 2010


Correct Answer: B. 1981


56. E office requires only one qualified supporting/helping staff as per entitlement of the officer. They will responsible for ____?

A. Task related to the processing of cases on E-Office
B. Digitization of Record
C. Any Diary Assigned by the Officer
D. All of these


Correct Answer: D. All of these


57. PPRA stands for?

A. Public Procurement Regulatory Authority
B. Pakistan Procurement Regulatory Authority
C. Public Procurement Research Authority
D. None of these


Correct Answer: A. Public Procurement Regulatory Authority


58. PBS stands for?

A. Pakistan Broadcast Service
B. Pakistan Broadband Service
C. Pakistan Bureau of Statics
D. None of these


Correct Answer: D. Pakistan Bureau of Statics


59. DDO stands for?

A. Drawing and Disbursed Officer
B. Draw and Disbursed Officer
C. Draw and Disbursing Officer
D. Drawing and Disbursing Officer


Correct Answer: D. Drawing and Disbursing Officer


60. CDWP stands for?

A. Central Development Working Player
B. Central Development Working Party
C. Chief Development Working Party
D. Central Development Working Person


Correct Answer: B. Central Development Working Party


61. In office procedure permanent record is known as?

A. Cat-A
B. Cat-B
C. Cat-C
D. Cat-D


Correct Answer: B. Cat-B


62. Category D record to be retained for less than ___ years?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 10


Correct Answer: B. 3


63. According to Rules of Business 1973, who is the official head of the Division?

A. President
B. Prime Minister
C. Minister of the Division
D. Secretary


Correct Answer: D. Secretary


64. All new files should be given a file number by the ___ in consultation by the ___?

A. LDC, Assistant
B. UDC, Section Officer
C. Assistant, Section Officer
D. UDC, Assistant


Correct Answer: B. UDC, Section Officer


65. The ___ should place the officer copy on the file in chronological order and give it a page number?

B. Section Officer
D. Assistant


Correct Answer: C. UDC


66. When Fatima Jinnah did join the All-India Muslim League?

A. 1930
B. 1939
C. 1940
D. 1947


Correct Answer: B. 1939


67. Pakistan Standard Time was suggested by?

A. Professor Muhammad Anwar
B. Liaqat Ali
C. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali
D. Quaid Azam


Correct Answer: A. Professor Muhammad Anwar


68. The Supreme Commander of Pakistan Armed Forces is?

A. Army Chief
B. President
C. Prime Minister
D. Chairman Joint Chief of Staff


Correct Answer: B. President


69. When Pakistan’s Capital shifted from Karachi to Islamabad?

A. 1967
B. 1962
C. 1960
D. 1969


Correct Answer: C. 1960


70. Who was the first Punjabi Poet?

A. Waris Shah
B. Baba Farid
C. Shah Hussain
D. None of these


Correct Answer: B. Baba Farid


71. Madr-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah died in the year?

A. 1956
B. 1965
C. 1967
D. 1970


Correct Answer: C. 1967


72. Pakistan won the cricket world cup of 1992 and the T20 world cup in 2009 under the leadership of?

A. Imran Khan, Shahid Afridi
B. Imran Khan, Younis Khan
C. Imran Khan, Misbah ul Haq
D. Imran Khan, Sarfraz Ahmad


Correct Answer: B. Imran Khan, Younis Khan


73. Which is the largest cantonment of Pakistan?

A. Kharian Cantt
B. Karachi Cantt
C. Lahore Cantt
D. Quetta Cantt


Correct Answer: A. Kharian Cantt


74. When Pakistan did become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)?

A. 9 August 2016
B. 8 July 2018
C. 9 June 2017
D. 8 May 2010


Correct Answer: C. 9 June 2017


75. When was the 18th amendment bill passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan?

A. 8th February 2010
B. 8th March 2010
C. 8th April 2010
D. 8th May 2010


Correct Answer: C. 8th April 2010


76. Nanga Parbat is in which mountain range?

A. Karakoram
B. Hindukash
C. Himalaya
D. Koh-i-Sufaid


Correct Answer: C. Himalaya


77. Sindh Sagar Doab lies between which two rivers?

A. Sindh, Chenab
B. Sindh, Jhelum
C. Sindh, Ravi
D. Sindh, Kabul


Correct Answer: B. Sindh, Jhelum


78. Pakistan came into being on 27th Ramdan ____ A.H?

A. 1366
B. 1361
C. 1365
D. 1362


Correct Answer: A. 1366


79. In which year Pakistan International Airline was established?

A. 1955
B. 1957
C. 1964
D. 1956


Correct Answer: A. 1955


80. Who was the first caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. Moeen Ahmad Qureshi
B. MirHazar Khan
C. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi
D. Balakh Sheer Mazari


Correct Answer: C. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi


81. In which year Pakistan was the world champion of Cricket, Hockey, Squash and Snooker?

A. 1996
B. 1992
C. 1990
D. 1994


Correct Answer: D. 1994


82. Which is the longest canal in Pakistan?

A. Rohri Canal
B. Kirthar Canal
C. Nara Canal
D. Dadu Canal


Correct Answer: C. Nara Canal


83. Where the Cunningham clock tower is situated?

A. Lahore
B. Faisalabad
C. Multan
D. Peshawar


Correct Answer: D. Peshawar


84. According to the latest WHO 2015 Report, what is the average age of Pakistan?

A. 65.2
B. 60.5
C. 66.4
D. 55.3


Correct Answer: C. 66.4


85. Swat Valley is situated in the mountain range of?

A. Hindukash
B. Karakoram
C. Himalays
D. Kirthar Range


Correct Answer: A. Hindukash


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